How To Use

Any leather jacket that KIRCILAR had produced for you is made of selected leather pieces and tanned by the most modern procedures to highlight its beauty without altering its natural qualities. As leather is a natural product, it might be influenced by weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, humidity. Minor colour, thickness, stoma differences or small scratches on the surface shall be considered as a proof that your jacket is made of real, natural leather. These differences can not be treated as production defect.

Please kindly take the followings into account in order for you to use your jacket in the best condition for long years.

  1. Please do not use your jacket on rainy days.
  2. In case your jacket gets wet, it shall be dried naturally (in a room temperature) on a hanger Please do not use any kind of drier to dry your jacket.
  3. Leather jackets can not be washed. Please do not use any kind of laundry or drying machine. You can only use professional dry cleaning stores for cleaning your leather jacket.
  4. Please protect your leather jackets from perfume or make-up.
  5. While not being used, please store your leather jacket in a cotton dress cover, and on a hanger, which matches with the length of the shoulders from one to another.
  6. If there are wrinkles on the surface you can iron your jacket using a piece of polyester cloth between the surface of the leather and the iron. Only dry setting of the iron shall be used for ironing leather garments.
  7. Please receive professional help for maintenance.
  8. For suede and its kinds: Being shaved on the surface while processing, suede leather might absorb the dust of the leather. This powder may appear on your clothes. That's why it ıs necessary to brush the jacket regularly not only to get rid of this powder but also to maintain the jacket in good condition.

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