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A success story , Ali Kırcı and Sons

Ali Kırcı migrated from Bulgaria in 1942 with only a handbag to Turkey and he brought his profession tailoring together with him. The uncertainties foreseen for the future never discouraged him. His sons Mustafa and Hasan were always with him and this success has survived together with the third generation.

Ali Kırcı, who was called by his employees as “Hacı Baba” due to his love of humans, earned his living by tailoring for long years. His sons Mustafa and Hasan worked as apprentices in their father’s tailor shop in their spare time after school. Their main duty was to cut the patterns drawn by their father.

In 1955, Hasan Kırcı found a cloak and ripped it, teared into pieces, took its pattern and sewed a cloak for the first time. Modern clothes such as raincoats, toppers, coats were not available at those days but “cloak”, which is highly resistant against rain and cold, was very popular in Anatolia. Ali Kırcı and his sons tried to find out new models, continued to make new patterns and sew cloaks with different models from processed leathers. Especially the cloaks with fur at the collar were admired and thus the cloaks produced by Hacı Baba and sons became popular in the Anatolia market.


In 1968, Mustafa and Hasan Kırcı Brothers established the Kırcılar Company with the support of their father. Ali Kırcı abandoned the leather business in 1968 to pave the way for his sons and opened a furniture shop for himself. After this date KIRCILAR rose on the shoulders of Mustafa and Hasan Kırcı Brothers through their cooperation towards a global vision.

Mustafa and Hasan Kırcı went abroad for the first time in 1960 and decided to introduce their company in the international arena. The first batch export was to Germany in 1971. This was also the first time that the KIRCILAR brand was approved by the international market. KIRCILAR sewed the jackets of the Hamburg Police in 1972 and became a well known brand in Europe by marketing its products particularly in Germany, Sweden and England.

With its first shop opened in 1983 in Heykel/Bursa Kırcılar started to become popular with its quality in the domestic market. Afterwards, the first store outside the city was opened in Selçuk İzmir in 1994 and named Leather Art. Thus the first ring of the Kırcılar chain stores was established. With its store opened in Zeytinburnu İstanbul in 1990, Kırcılar has taken the first step to become a national brand in the domestic market. Meanwhile, the company which followed closely the everchanging global dynamics, increased its production capacity ten times when its products started to be sought after also in the Russian market. Similarly, Kırcılar, with its collection designs aimed for American market established a strong image there with its high quality products.

2000’s built up a much faster process for setting up stores for Kırcılar. Interstore was opened up in 2004 in İstanbul, which was followed by Leather Park and Leatherium in Kuşadası; Alice Antalya, Side and Kemer in 2006. Agad was opened in 2007 in Bergama and Kapadokya, Sultanhisar Carpet was opened in Uçhisar in 2009. In 2009 the products of Kırcılar met its customers in Hurgada Egypt which was the first store outside the country.