Our mission

We, KIRCILAR, are a wide family with our employees, customers and business partners well known with our activities in the leather sector since 1945. Our inter-family relations were developed with mutual confidence and cooperation and established the fundamental for our half-century understanding “quality first”.

Our vision

Without giving up our slogan “Quality first”, to maintain our place in the leather sector and leadership for customer satisfaction.

KIRCILAR Quality Standards

The best quality products

Our collection, consisting of 750 different models and approximately 250.000 pieces of annual production, is created from the best quality lamb and sheep skins by means of the state-of-the-art technologies. In our 18 stores at various locations in Turkey, our products are offered for the appreciation of our customers from all ages and origins in the scope of one year guarantee and exported to many countries in the world particularly the European countries.

The best quality service

Our multilingual sales representatives who are experts in their fields are specially trained to render the best services to our customers in all languages. You are welcomed to watch our collection which is introduced by our professional models in the podium when you visit our stores and receive information in various languages regarding the tanning culture.

The best quality after sales service

With the 100% Customer Satisfaction Project implemented with the cooperation of KIRCILAR Customer Service and Production Departments, it is aimed to evaluate the customer demands and complaints, to take measurements as soon as possible and to offer just in time solutions. It is one of the main factors of KIRCILAR quality standards to offer all kinds of services on the leather care.